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Product update! Steamed and Rolled Oats are now back in stock and ready for ordering.

01 July 2018 |

Over the next few weeks you will notice a change in our flaked oats product.

Following customer feedback, we have decided to revert back to rolled, steamed oat groat product rather than the whole oats product we have recently been offering.

Originally, we had discontinued this product due to feedback that the paper bags caused delivery issues and were difficult to store in the brewery. Rest assured, we have taken your feedback on board and these will no longer be supplied in paper bags-but polypropylene like our other cereal and malt products. These will be sturdier on the pallet and easier to transport, store and open in the brewery.

The flaked oats will be back in stock by week commencing 5th June at £16.50 per 25kg bag.

For more information, please contact sales on 01733 889100