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Bairds Malt - Quality Malt since 1823

06 October 2020 |

Bairds Malt Heritage

This month we are highlighting our sister company Bairds Malt. Bairds are the company responsible for opening our doors back in 2013 with the vision of creating the UK's leading one-stop-shop of brewing ingredients for the growing craft beer and distilling markets.

Bairds heritage dates back to 1823 when they began selling a variety of base malts, roasted malts and hops to other brewers and distillers after recognising the importance of supplying quality brewing ingredients.

In the early 1800s the maltings would reside alongside the brewery. The Bairds family were widely considered one of the leading maltsters of the time as they were able to source some of the finest malting barley. At one stage Bairds had over 20 floor maltings throughout the UK but have since switched their operations to pneumatic maltings to ensure consistent quality of the malt they produce. The business as it exists today is committed to echo the principles of its founding fathers; to be situated at the heart of the finest barley growing areas of the UK. This is especially important during harvest when barley needs to be dried and stored. With a geographical footprint that stretches along the eastern seaboard of the UK, Bairds have a unique capability to source barley local to each of its maltings.

With heritage that can be traced back to Glasgow when Hugh Baird acquired the Canal Bank Maltings and Possil Road Brewery, their Scottish Ale Malt pays homage to their influential role as Maltsters, when the UK brewing industry began to boom and brewers could no longer produce enough malt themselves to meet their requirements. This is when the “sales maltsters” began to expand their operations to meet the growing demand and the Bairds family were at the forefront.

As malt and hop merchants, Bairds were established in Glasgow, London, Newbury, Newark and Grantham. Fast forward to 2020 and you will see the full circle of their continued commitment with Brewers Select providing distribution of high quality malts, hops, yeasts and other brewing ingredients to the industry - which proves just as important to us today as it was 200 years ago when we started out on this journey.