Lallemand are offering brewers the opportunity to produce beers with the unique fruit-forward ester profile found on the American east coast with their New England American East Coast Ale Yeast.

LalBrewTM New England is an ale strain selected specifically for its fermentative consistency and its ability to produce tropical and fruity esters, notably stone fruits like peach. It exhibits medium to high attenuation with medium flocculation, making it a perfect choice for East Coast style ales.

Classified as a saccharomyces cerevisiae, a top fermenting yeast, one of the characteristics of this strain is that it takes slightly longer to ferment at 7 days and can be used in primary fermentation for beers up to 9% ABV. (For beers above 9%, the yeast will require a nutrient such as 1g/hL of Servomyces.)

Robert Percival, Lallemand’s Regional Sales Manager for Europe said: “American East Coast style Ales are rapidly gain popularity worldwide and we are sure that UK brewers will be keen to try their hand at this style. Several breweries around the world have completed successful pilot brewing trials with LalBrewTM New England, and the results have been overwhelmingly positive.”

Full details are available here.


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