Brewers in Scotland are taking part in a unique project to test their skill and creativity to brew a target beer that is true to style but showcases their individuality and imagination.

Run by Bairds Malt and Brewers Select the Replic-Ale challenge has been taken up by Scottish brewers to create New Scotland IPA with new products from Brewers Select and placing particular emphasis on its Scottish provenance.

Bairds Malt have supplied entrants with their Scottish Ale Malt which is sown, grown and malted in Scotland to celebrate the Bairds heritage as Scotland’s oldest maltster.

Brewers Select yeast suppliers, Lallemand, who are partners in the competition have supplied their New England style yeast – a new product released in the UK in response to the popular style from the US.

Brewers were given style guidelines for the New Scotland IPA at 6.0% ABV, 40 IBU and 8 EBC and their beer must be ready for a blind tasting in Edinburgh on 22nd November. The winners will be announced at the Edinburgh Craft Beer Revolution on 23rd November.

Ben O’Gorman from Brewers Select said: “We have set the brewers a tough challenge and the beers will be judged purely on the flavour and aroma. We are looking forward to seeing how creative the entries will be given the set style with the Scottish provenance twist.”

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