Autumn Malt Inspiration

As summer slips inexorably into cooler Autumn nights we’ve put together our pick of the crop for some lovely Autumnal beers to give you some inspiration:

How about starting with a lovely pale chocolate malt to get you into the swing of all those heavy winter warmers? Used in Porters and Sweet Stouts, our pale chocolate malt from Bairds gives you a roasted, toasty sharp cocoa flavours and some bitterness with rich deep brown or mahogany hues.

Then thinking about Autumn bonfires and our annual fireworks fest in November give BestMalz Smoked a brew. Smoked malt gives beer a typical smoky flavour similar to that of smoked ham and the quantity used will influence the intensity of the beech wood flavours. Beers brewed with this malt are perfect with grilled or barbecued meats.

Finally, getting into a bit a ‘clean drinking’ pre-Christmas, try BestMalz Spelt malt. An ancient grain, spelt is considered highly digestible and conducive to good health. Spelt malt improves foam stability and is ideal for spelt beer, top-fermented beers, multi-grain beers and wheat beer.

As ever, Brewers Select key account managers are your ultimate guides and would love to hear what beer styles you brew with these malts.

Happy brewing!

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Autumn Malt Inspiration

Autumn Malt Inspiration

We?ve put together our pick of the crop for some lovely Autumnal beers to give you... Read More »