Spring Hop Sale

Our Spring Hop Sale is now on. Click HERE to download the latest Hops Availability list.

For more information or if you have any queries, please contact the Sales Team on 01733 889100
Our Lot Analysis Lookup
You can now look up specific hop analysis data via our hops partner YCH Hops. Simply enter your lot number to see a full breakdown of your hops.
Click HERE to visit their website.
Hop Flavour Wheels
From the herbal, floral character of the classic European hops, to the woody, earthy notes of English hops and the zesty citrus-and-pine-tinged American hop varieties, we hope these handy hop flavour wheels are a useful guide.
The wheel is split into twenty two different wedges labelled with the common hop flavours from woody and spicy to oily or floral and we’ve plotted the profiles of several different hops based on their continental origin.
Enjoy planning your recipes and writing your tasting notes! Download the flavour guide HERE

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