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Origin: United States
Supplier: YCH

As a proprietary cultivar Simcoe’s parentage is not known, but is a hop that has caused considerable excitement in the craft brewing sector since its release in 2000. High alphas come with low betas and very low cohumulones making it a useful bittering hop, but is also noted for its distinctive aroma properties. Close behind Amarillo in terms of high myrcene levels it gives many of the earthy, citrus flavours one would therefore expect, but there is also a complexity of aroma - frequently described as ‘piney’ - which is key to its popularity. Supplied by featured Hopunion Growers B.T. Loftus Ranches, Inc., Carpenter Ranches LLC and Perrault Farms.

Suitable for: American-style ales, Pale Ale, IPA, Double IPA
Substitutes: Summit™ or Magnum
Disease: Resistant to PM
Alpha: 11.5 - 15%
Beta: 3 - 4.5%
Co-H: 17 - 21% of alpha acids
Total Oil: 0.8 - 3.2 mL/100g
Aroma: Specific aroma descriptors include passion fruit, pine, berry and earth characteristics


Weights of each mini-bale may vary slightly.

  • Dual
  • 11.5-15
  • 0.8-3.2
  • 3-4.5
  • 17-21
  • 40-50
  • 8-14
  • 15-20


Brewing Purpose
Alpha acids (%)
Total oils (ml/100g)
Beta acids (%)
Cohumulone (as % of Alpha acids)
Myrcene (% of total oil)
Carophylene (% of total oil)
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