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Spalter Select was bred from Hallertauer Mittelfrüh and Spalt to be disease resistant in 1991 at the Hüll Institute. Intended to be firmly in the Spalt, Tettanang, Saaz style, Select is a very fine Spalter type hop that is both fruity and flowery with a heavy, sweet, candy aroma that makes it readily distinguishable from either parent. It imparts a distinct hoppy tang. The Spalter region now grows more Select than Spalter Spalt, but the majority of Select comes from the Hallertau.

Suitable for:  Lager, Alt, Kölsch beers
Substitutes: US Saaz, US Tettnang, German Spalt, German Tettnang, German Hersbrucker
Disease: Resistant to DM, VW
Alpha: 3 - 6.5%
Beta: 2.4 - 5%
Co-H: 21 - 27% of alpha acids
Total Oil: 0.6 - 0.9 mL/100g
Aroma: Specific aroma descriptors include floral and fruit characteristics.


Weights of each pellet pack may vary slightly.

  • Aroma
  • 3-6.5
  • 0.6-0.9
  • 2.4-5
  • 21-27
  • 20-40
  • 4-10
  • 10-22


Brewing Purpose
Alpha acids (%)
Total oils (ml/100g)
Beta acids (%)
Cohumulone (as % of Alpha acids)
Myrcene (% of total oil)
Carophylene (% of total oil)
Humulene (% of total oil)