Palisade® T90

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Palisade® is a proprietary cultivar bred from Swiss Tettnang by open pollination with an American hop. Exceedingly high yielding in its native Yakima, it is regarded as an aroma variety that borders on dual purpose. It displays mild sweetly floral, fruity and earthy tones with a soft and subtle noble hop character. Your order will be fulfilled with supplies from featured Hopunion Growers B.T. Loftus Ranches, Inc., Sauve & Sons Farm, Van Horn Farms and Wm. Gasseling Ranches, Inc.

Suitable for: English and American-style ales
Substitutes: Willamette
Disease: Susceptible to DM
Alpha: 6.5 - 10%
Beta: 5.5 - 8%
Co-H: 26 - 28% of alpha acids
Total Oil: 0.8 - 2 mL/100g
Aroma: Specific aroma descriptors include apricot, grass and clean floral characteristics


Weights of each pellet pack may vary slightly.

  • Aroma
  • 6.5-10
  • 0.8-2
  • 5.5-8
  • 26-28
  • 45-52
  • 8-16
  • 10-20


Brewing Purpose
Alpha acids (%)
Total oils (ml/100g)
Beta acids (%)
Cohumulone (as % of Alpha acids)
Myrcene (% of total oil)
Carophylene (% of total oil)
Humulene (% of total oil)